why 1kg3


 Frustration and vision.

Boring of doing nothing but processes. As a creative team for 20 years in international and national ad companies, we were frustrated these last years by the lack of fresh strategies, while combining exciting new media and advertising appeared more complicated than expected. Not so easy to have both new what and new how. Lost, brands say all the same message and don’t do enough whereas consumers ask for content and participation.

Creativity and relevance.

No more above and below distinction. By thinking broadly upstream closer to the brand and from consumers’ view, we create content to feed the brands and make them grow through innovative devices. In a not-afraid-to-share way, with the enthusiastic  collaborative talents every project needs – designers, programmers, artists. Our goal is to challenge conventions. Our medium is the world.

Understand. Think. Create.

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  1. wachsmann

    Ca lui va bien la moustache à Virginie. Allez bon vent, ça a l’air chouette (je ne suis pas déçu…)

  2. Philip Maes

    Go 4 it, 1kg3

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