In the street!

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The AAF begins in one week, save the date! At 1kilo3, we are very proud of one young artist selected to show her work there: Camille Van Hoof. Do not miss it  

The Affordable Art Fair.

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       The Affordable Art Fair Belgium 2016 will take place soon at Tour & Taxis, from the 26th to the 29th of February, we hope to see you there. L’Affordable Art Fair, c’est bientôt: à Tour & Taxis, du 26 au 29 février 2016. Nous espérons … Continue reading

AAF coming soon.

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L’Affordable Art Fair Belgium 2016 asked us to create the new campaign that will be on air in January. With Valérie Siew, Fair Director and Fair Client, we’ve created posters and press ads to announce the fair at Tour & … Continue reading

Club’s agenda 2016.

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Each meeting is a story, illustrated by Camille, is a beautiful agenda : run to Club and you’ll receive one if you buy books.            

3suisses dresses homes.

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The new video to promote the new collection of 3suisses furniture is here and online. Creation: 1kilo3. Director: Mathias Pardo.   

Arles, photography 2015.

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 Fred est de retour d’Arles.  10 choses qu’il faut avoir vues à Arles 2015. 1- Martin Gusinde – L’esprit des hommes de la Terre de feu. En 1918, un missionnaire allemand, Martin Gusinde, part à la découverte des habitants de l’extrême sud … Continue reading

What future for Copywriters?

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Décidément la semaine des grandes questions. Celle d’aujourd’hui se justifie : la majorité des awards vont aux prints (presque) exclusivement visuels ou à des dispositifs d’activation: a-t-on vraiment encore besoin de Copywriters? La mode des longs textes ne semble pas revenir, les bloggeurs influents recommandent les images … Continue reading

What future for bookstores?

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 Club se repositionne comme une librairie loisirs. Des livres accompagnés d’articles de papeterie ludiques ou professionnels, mais une librairie tout de même.  Un pari osé, aujourd’hui, alors que plus personne n’a le temps de lire? Peut-être pas, si l’on observe l’immense besoin … Continue reading

Théatre de la vie.

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Peggy Thomas’ team has renewed the trust in us and we were so happy to work in a spirit of beauty, poetry, research once again. Happy also to ask to two students from La Cambre, Noémie Favart and Maxime Leleux, to join us; they … Continue reading

Summer books with Club.

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No holiday for Club. The family bookstore makes a facelift of its website and a summer campaign… while qu’1kilo3 picks in the selection some novels and thrillers and goes far away to rest and relax for a while. Happy Holidays to all! Pas de vacances … Continue reading

Cogito tested and approved.

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For three years now, we explain to parents depressed by school results of their children that Cogito is a solution that works, with concrete arguments in support. And this year, we had the « chance » to check if it’s real, « thanks » to our … Continue reading