Cogito tested and approved.

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For three years now, we explain to parents depressed by school results of their children that Cogito is a solution that works, with concrete arguments in support. And this year, we had the « chance » to check if it’s real, « thanks » to our … Continue reading

3suisses in the press.

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CP Campagne 3SUISSES – 080315-V3        CB News speaks about the 3suisses prerolls videos. too.  

Journal de bord du XXXXL Lilù.

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J-1 avant le départ. Le cobra a des fourmis dans les pattes. Suivez en live les pérégrinations du sac grandiose et XXL que rien n’arrête. Où va-t-il? Qui rencontrera-t-il? Rentrera-t-il? A suivre chaque jour sur la page Facebook de Lilù. … Continue reading

Les petits commandeurs, Le Seuil.

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The small commanders, Seuil Editions. The book drawn by Camille and written by Valérie Larrondo will be available in every good bookshops from next Wednesday! Congratulations to the huge talented duo.      Clic on the images!    

3Suisses back on TV.

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The new 3Suisses film campaign is on air. Three new stories of creative women, to launch the summer fashion collection, and continues to rebuild the 3Suisses brand. Followed by two new pre-roll web videos which show prices and clothes in a … Continue reading

A new identity for Club.

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Club, the family bookstore now has a new friend, the owl of Standaard Boekhandel. Together, they rebuild a strong brand that understands the life of people and helps to live more intensely through stories.      

Smartablo, smart client.

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  Emailing 2015. The latest technology in mobile’s leasing. Please clic on the visual. Smartablo  is the first leasing system for high quality smartphones and tablets. In a click, you enjoy the latest technology without investing. You monthly rent the unit of your choice … Continue reading

Typos stories.

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  12 shorts films about typographie, imagined by Thomas Sipp for France Culture.Nice.