4 Belgians wake up 3 Suisses


4 Belgians wake up 3 Suisses. The fashion world and move and the paper is fixed. Thus the latest catalog 3 Suisses is now … the last. The French brand of 82 years old has firmly decided to enter the digital age and want to become a real e (emotional)-commerce company. After an international orientation, 3 Suisses entrusted his re-positioning and communication i-stories + 1kilo3 + Kate Stockman. Three entities, four talented complementary personalities, each highly experienced (strategy, trends, fashion, design and communication), committed to meet the challenges ahead 3 Suisses. A national campaign for France is planed for the end of summer to ensure the success of the transition to a pure e-commerce company with consumers.

De Tijd RP 1kilo3

Isabel Verstraete http://www.i-stories.be – Virginie Lepère & Fred Van Hoof www.1kilo3.com – Kate Stockman www.katestockman.com


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