Arles, photography 2015.


 Fred has come back from Arles!

10 things to be seen at Arles 2015.

1- Martin Gusinde – The spirit of Tierra del Fuego‘s men. 1918. A German missionary, Martin Gusinde, travels in the southern of South America. He – we – discover a population close to nature, living by hunting and fishing, with strange rituals. During them, they seem laughing. They were more or less 3500 people. They were all exterminated. 


2- Markus Brunetti – Facades. Throughout Europe, Markus Brunetti takes portraits of cathedrals, nearly 3 meters large. Always taken front the front and in a sophisticated technique. Close up on every detail, including statues and gargoyles that are never seen very well from the basement.


3- Vernacular! – Three sets of Jean-Marie Donat collection. Jean-Marie Donat collects photographs. During trips to Germany, it brings together a series of pictures whose have in common a polar bear. History of the XXst is taken next to that bear. Look at the logo printed on the girl’s shirt. 


4- Another Language – Eight japanese photographs. Black & white honored in this lovely  church of St. Anne. My favorite: Issei Suda. At the bookshop, a good pick: A room of Daido Moriyama. A signed book, reprinted 250 copies. 



5- Total Records – The big adventure of pockets of photographic records. I expected the worst, it was very good, like this one, signed Pat Metheny Group by Joel Meyerowitz. Coincidence, this vinyl record was in the lovely home of my friend Valérie. A particularly funny section of pockets home re-used. Like the Sex Pistols, evolved from a pocket of … Frédéric François. All the punk humor concentrated in this.


6- Stephen Shore – Retrospective. Always a pleasure to see the prints of one of my favorite photographers. Especially his series « American surfaces » and « Uncommon places ». Fun, its production of postcards with saturated colors he let everywhere during his roadtrips. Less convinced by its late black and white period. 


7- Paolo Woods and Gabriele Galimberti – Paradises, annual report. An exhibition that  brings down a little. Tax haven after tax haven, one wonders where does the power of money finish. One sentence: « It is completely immoral, but completely legal. » Let’s go outside, it’s sunny again, a pastis on a terrace, believe me: this is paradise. 


8- Cosmos Arles Books. 15 tables, on each 50 books. I loved : Settlement – Nick Waplington ; Country fictions – Juan Aballe; Amelia and the Animals – Robin Schwartz; Events ashore – An-My Lê; Hôtel Immagine – Simone Donati; Zine Collection N°20 Menstrual – 9mouth; Coastline – Zhang Xiao; Landscape and Industry – Michael Collins; Anniversaries – Mark Beckmann/Sarah Alberti; By rail and by sea – Scott Conarroe.


9- Fellini, 8 ½ couleur. Photographies of Paul Ronald. For my friend Léon, an exhibition where we fall in love with Italy and Italians. On the set of 8 ½, the nonchalance and class cross with an ease that belongs only to them. Marcello and Claudia, the beautiful people,  in a state of grace.


10- Alex Majoli and Paolo Pellegrin. Congo. After a Dantesque rain, moist heat of Congolese nights. Fauna of characters who appear as lost in the image as they are in their own lives. 

Here ends my photo review, Arles 2015. Again thank to Valérie and Stéphane.

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