Fear Hunters

Packaging, stand, tags, gift card, diploma and display for a new concept of teddy bears: the fear

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hunters, heroes imagined by children to fight against their fears. The product consists of 3 components: a fear hunter, a spray with essential oils (pshh on the bear to enhance the psychological protection effect) and a comic book that tells a story related to one fear in particularly. How to explain this concept for consumers? Fear Hunters boite maquette pr blog

We considered the packaging as an extension of the elements themselves, and recommended explanations, natural and aesthetic design. From the point of view of the child-actor (he dominates his fears by himself), our project has taken the form of a colored emergency box, playful, with a cardboard hammer. Break in case of fear. Kit not afraid of ghosts (or diseases, etc.). In the box, a tag explains concept and range.


By now, Fear Hunters is still in production process but here are some concepts and production studies. Hope you’ll see the result soon in shops.

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