I’ll lend you my shovel, you lend me your bucket.

Dead Weather

There was a time when the competition was synonym of move. They called that emulation. The Beatles pushed The Rolling Stones to their limits. Boys boasted that their father’s (car) was bigger. Until today.

Today, we ask in the playground if you must share your business with the first of the class or compete against him. While governments are looking for stimulus of the green economy at the rhythm of a good old slow, let’s look at the way of Jack White. A with-all-made man.

Jack has friends, and his emulation is exchange. And surprise: not only is there a place for everyone, but this is the party for everyone. Guitarist and singer of the first known group, The White Stripes, Jack produced the album Van Lear Rose by Loretta Lynn and founded with his friends a new band, the Raconteurs and recently with other friends, a third group, the Dead Weather (including the singer of the Kills). At a time when the economy goes against the wall, Jack White shows us the way.

Where there is sharing, there may be enrichment. Move from one group to another, mixing the universe and talents, never settle here, and see something new emerging. Improve the quality and to laugh again, to make good work again in advertising. Thank you Jack.

From a post of 2010 from http://www.laplanneuse.com/leblog/index.php?category/Musiques-planantes


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