New Social Media Trends.

#1: More Time Invested in Mobile. The PC is widely used but for social media consumption, the time spent on mobile apps and mobile websites accounted for a 63% increase (compared to 2011) in total time spent. 43% use smartphones to access social media, while 16% use a tablet. Mobile becomes the content priority for brands (set up a mobile site, register on Foursquare, build apps…)

#2: Pinterest Usage Continues to Rise. On PC, mobile web and apps. Product photography persuade to shop, brands should make their profile visually engaging and answer to people who have pinned your items. 

#3: Social Networking Generates Positive Sentiments. 76% of consumers have positive feelings after engaging in social networking (key-words: informed, energized, excited, connected and amused.) However, 21% reported negative sentiments after social networking; examples are overwhelmed, anxious and wasted time. 24% remained neutral.


#4: Twitter Drives Social TV. Tweeting while watching TV is becoming a very popular social phenomenon. When watching the Super Bowl, American Idol or the elections, people are simultaneously using Twitter to share their thoughts. An average of 43mn are spent each day watching TV (HubSpot), so marketers should ask themselves how align TV strategy with digital strategies.

#5: Social Care is the New Customer Care. way for companies to provide regular customer service through social media platforms. 1/3 of social media users prefers social care to contacting a company by phone. Social care is transforming the way brands respond to customers, but they want to get immediate feedback.

#6: Mixed Feelings about Social Ads. 33% of people surveyed find ads on social networks to be annoying, 26% are more likely to pay attention to an ad posted by a friend. Marketers should proceed with caution and make sure ads are relevant and targeted. People accept ads that suit personal interests.

#7: Social Listening a Key Consumer Activity. Most social media users are listening to other people’s experiences before buying. To learn about other’s experiences (70%), find more infos about brands or products (65%) and compliment brands (53%). It’s interesting to see that consumers are active listeners, ready to be educated through compelling content so brands can maintain strong relationships by this way.

Social Media Trends for Consumers, from Nielsen and McKinsey’s Social Media Report new Research. (Source: , January 16, 2013).  

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