New Fred's exhibition.

New Fred Van Hoof ‘s photographies. Opening reception and concert of Julie Prayez and Thibet on thursday, november 7th from 6PM. 

« I like to watch people in museums. They are as timeless. They have lovely attitudes, nice gestures. The world continues its race, but they are in their contemplation. Behind. Modest. Here is the stage. It’s up to you to find a way. The picture as a scene where the viewer takes place and becomes an actor. Actor of his own history, his own imagination. Watching takes time. It’s a time that you offer to yourself. No nostalgia nor « decisive moment ». Just pictures to look at to live « one’s' » present.

Often I photograph uninhabited spaces. Perhaps to allow viewers to invest them and to get into their own present. It stops the race. That sounds good.

The present as a present, what a beautiful one. »

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