Cogito tested and approved.

For three years now, we explain to parents depressed by school results of their children that Cogito is a solution that works, with concrete arguments in support. And this year, we had the « chance » to check if it’s real, « thanks » to our fifteen years old son whose work and results perfectly matched those of the target of Cogito! One Blocus Assisté and many coached Wednesday  afternoons later, the conclusion is – thankfully – convincing. We understand better than ever the expectations of parents and students, as well as the way of this support school acts. Cogito celebrates its 15 years, so we decides that the angle of attack of the 2015 campaign would be its expertise; no radio spots this year, but many flyers to students, mailings and e-mailings to parents… See some pieces of the campaign below.

Flyer 2

Flyer 1

Flyer 3  

Flyer 9

Flyer 4   flyer 7 Flyer 5   Verso flyer   

Flyer 8

e-mailing 1   e-mailing 2


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