Camille working on Théâtre de la Vie.

It’s been a while that we’ve not written about new projetcs here, for a lot of (very good) reasons. Virginie joined Publicis Bruxelles as strategic planner 5 months ago, Fred worked on several AD missions during the same time and 1kilo3 was put on hold a little bit*. Fred is currently fully absorbed by the graphic identity of the next season of the Theatre de la Vie, with the talented help of super punchy Camille. 1kilo3 thanks the tester’s team who trust us, for that so warm collaboration. The brochure will be ready at the end of June, and we hope it will meet the same success as the previous years.  


* For more infos about 1kilo3, please call Fred 0485 716 918 or Virginie: 0485083466.


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