Myself as a Facebook link.

To share, yes, but what?

Sharing, liking, forwarding… emptyness, narcicism, private jokes. Talking with my teen, who yet looks more than ever for the exchange with his parents, often supposes: « Look, Mom! Wouarf Wouarf Wouarf! » in front of an Ipod Touch screen that shows two guys farting. In short, I become myself, without wanting it, a Facebook link instead of engaging a conversation. A survey tells that the teens need to exist on social networks to built themselves by now, and not by opposing his parents anymore*.

OK. But after adolescence? Is there any excuse to remain sharing banalities ? « Look, I’m like you, I do everything just as everybody and I show it. » And so what? Share becomes the objective in itself, even if there is nothing to share. And me, it annoys me a bit to releave nothing, it even smells vaguely like a life blues. When brands have noticed how important to provide content is, we should all be less lazy and more imaginative. And remember, as we connect on the web for the 200th time of day, what Blaise Pascal (17th century) once said : “I’m sorry I wrote you such a long letter; I didn’t have time to write a short one.”

* Ipsos Health survey from 822 24 years old ans 807 teens 2012, Pfizer Foundation.

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