Campaign for the aged workers



Today, a 50 years old woman is still young and even flourished. A man is more active than hos parents or grandparents were at his age. All act and think generally as if they had only 40 and see themselves easily well shaped at 80.

With the life expectancy progresses, the gap grows between perceived age and actual age. Therefore, is it normal that a person perceived as « young » and dynamic in life suddenly appears « old » when she enters the workplace? And how to find logic that a worker stops working at the moment where he is the most experienced ?

It’s as if the work world hadn’t evolve at the same rythme at the society world.

The problem of older workers is not the only problem of older workers. This is all the society that should ask the question, when we perceive the limits of consumerism and cult of youth. The subject is sensitive. What is being « old »? At what age do you feel old? Workers are encouraged to work longer by the government, but that does not change attitudes. Not easy to educate workers (no dupes) the subject was often discussed only in economic terms. Not very motivating to be considered as a cost, a gain or a loss.

Studies indicate that everyone find normal to work regardless of the age.

People realize that it is the economy that has decided for their lives and they refuse to continue to accept it. The media has talked a lot of early retirement and disadvantages of working at 55+, but people, in fact, realize that discrimination against older workers has no meaning, and has been created artificially.

It is time to take this topic in a comprehensive human angle.

1kilo3 has written a credible message, grounded in reality, rather than an ad slogan, necessarily reductive, that would not do the job. Selling the concept of old age will not affect anyone.

Change the image of older workers is a long-term work. We have choosen to begin by raising awareness (focusing on the 35-45 who will play an active role in behavior change), to launch the debate via a platform

How to touch ? With questions and reflections of common sense which we can only say « Yeah, well, why is it like that? This is not logical. »

Words are important. « Old », « aged », « seniors » seem a bit pejorative. We preferred to speak of 50+. In order to educate the public about the protection of the environment, the positive concept of sustainable development has been invented. Why not consider a notion of « sustainable employment » for all ? To study.

Our campaign is on air between the 17th of september and the 15th of october 2012, and in december, through a TV movie (mainstream media), supplemented by 2 press to expand our target, NL, FR & AL.


CREDITS. Annonceur: SPF Emploi, Ministre de l’Economie. Agency: 1kilo3. Stratégy & creation: Fred Van Hoof & Virginie Lepère. Production company: Lovo. Director: Hans Vercauter. Photographer: Fred van Hoof. Account : Didier Cloos.






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