Awareness campaign against the prejudices towards the old workers. Press ad and TV film (end of 2012).

Selling the concept of old age with an ad slogan, necessarily reductive, will not affect anyone. Instead of telling people: « old people are great » (non credible), we’ve launch the debate with a fact we all live : today, a 50 years person is still young and even flourished. Therefore, is it normal that a person perceived as « young » and dynamic in life suddenly appears « old » when passing the door of the workplace?


SPF FR Emploi porte vitrée

Change the image of older workers is a long-term work. The problem of older workers is not the only problem of older workers. The subject is sensitive. What is « being old »? Workers are encouraged to work longer by the government, but that does not change attitudes. Not easy to educate workers (no dupes) the subject was often discussed only in economic terms. Not very motivating to be considered as a cost, a gain or a loss. 

It is time to take this topic in a comprehensive human angle. How to touch ? With questions and reflections of common sense which we can only say « Yeah, well, why is it like that? This is not logical. » More info on the subject here.  Annonceur: Ministre de l’Economie. Director: Hans Vercauter. Photo: Fred van Hoof. 






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