European Month of Photography.


Small journey in Berlin.

A beautiful retrospective of Joel Sternfeld’s work at C/O Berlin. Part of the New Color School Photography. Large formats. All the history of the United States through its suburbs, its portraits… Interesting? Frightening? Ordinary places until we know that they all are scenes of murders. Here, for example, the place where Martin Luther King was assassinated.

Joël Sternfeld

At the same place are exposed the winners of the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize. Program: Pieter Hugo, Rinko Kawauchi, John Stezaker and Christopher Williams. Photos of Pieter Hugo : some portraits of men and children in the midst of trash from the occidental world, in Ghana. A video shows a child posing imperturbable with an imense jerrycan on his head. 

 Pieter Hugo.

John Stezaker introduces us a strange work on existing pictures: cropping, juxtapositions…

   John Stezaker.

Winter is already there with the Swedish expo of Lars Tunbjörk. Reality, depression and humor at the appointment.


Lars Tunbjork.

Finally, In Transit (The view of the other). The challenge: considering the picture as a descriptive, artistic and political documentary. Far from the spirit of ParisPhoto and galleries snobish, the exhibition offers us in the middle of a construction site, images of fifty photographers. Some kid of freshness and simplicity welcomed. Not frozen diasecs but pictures pasted on fences peels mixes. Even half torned is beautiful. Never mind the champagne, chance for us. Fred.

Fred Van Hoof.



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