Big idea is not a big idea.


In Belgium, advertisers often ask the BIG IDEA to the creatives. A claim. Just three words. Just do it. Coca-Cola uses even only one: happiness.

We forget that a single word tells nothing, and nothing becomes even negative when associated with something people want us to buy. Brands invest to feed the words with interesting stories. But Belgium is not USA. Because a lack of resources, the big idea is limited to three words on a poster, which mean nothing, linked to a key visual equally blur. The less indifferent persons will discover « the story » on internet. Other will remain indifferent. Marketing decided. Too bad for it, there are no more consumers. Apart from the time spent in supermarkets, we are all spectators. In times of crisis or when there is not enough money  to feed their message, brands should seek at what they should say, interesting or useful for people. An intelligent message doesn’t  cost more than a stupid one and it will be read, even if it makes more than three words.

Early 2012, Coca-Cola launched the brand content on Tumblr to seduce young people. Today it innovates by launching its own photo sharing network via a mobile app. An extension of the concept « Happiness ». « The place where you can download pictures of your happy moments and share them with your subscribers in Happy Places or your friends on Facebook or Twitter. » Will Instagram be happy? 






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