When the madmen become the melancholicmen.

Lost in the past.

The Romantische Strasse leads further than we think, to the ends of nostalgia, introspection. The belgian Photographer Frédéric Van Hoof has brought back from a journey through the old Europe pictures that he had not in mind. Images ? Fading memories, traces of emotion, or moments, places. Great compositions and subjects sometimes tending towards abstraction, because of the weather or the light, but mainly moments that won’t come back, never. Which make them touching. 

The camera as an object of conspiracy.  

From March 15 to 17, Lost in the past exhibition. Gallery Collège27 presents ten major formats and an object created for the occasion, a newspaper printed in 200 ex. What better place than an ephemeral gallery to remind that life is too short ?

See you there. 




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