Les artistes se livrent au salon du livre d’artiste.

First exhibition of small art publishing and artists books.

The 2nd & 3th of march, in St-Luc (30 place Morichar, Brussels) were exhibited artists books, small publishers, authors and self-publisher artists… Books full of ideas, in the form and the content, taht come to life in the reader’s hands. Inspiring. Refreshing.

These limited edition books require research, experiments, poetry, sometimes the participation of the reader. Disciplines are printing techniques: etching, silkscreen, letterpress, illustration, bookbinding, pop-up…  

Junko Hayashi. A book is made to be opened, watched, read and touched. Otherwise, it is no different than a pad of paper for photocopying. Thus Mo and Junko agreed on this detail. They produced a book that aims to be… touched. Course, it may be damaged. But this is the fate of a book. « When I say I’ make artists’ books, that sounds intellectual and cool. And then I feel embarrassed. I rather make poetry with book as a medium is maybe closer to the reality. My work is personal and candid. I don’t consider me as an artist. « 



Tandem Editions. The works published by Tandem are foremost bibliophile creations where any choice of text and image, technique or material will contribute to exalt, through the art object touch and palpable what the book, the work of the spirit and skill of hand.

Kirimura AkaneSérigraphies BIOS poèmes J.C. LAMBERT

Broleskine turns books into notebooks. Realization of unique pieces of different styles, in a spirit of recovery and reworking material.


Exhibition organized by Laurence Leonard in collaboration with Anne Valkenborgh, professor of engraving ESA-St-Luc and Erg. Exhibitors: Alpaca Collection, Kirimura Akane, Artegraf Editions, Workshops prints ESA St-Luc and Erg, Alejandra Bedon, Broleskine, Fanette Chavent Julia Chausson, Paul Claessens, Roby Comblain, Fabien Delvigne, Dose Fabio Dominique Descamps, Jean Guichon editor / kknrvx, Editions de la Chute, Tandem Publishing, students AI.6 St-Luc secondary Isabelle / Editions Francis, Catherine Liegeois, Tatsuya Inuikawa, Junko Hayashi, IAAM Workshop, The Notebooks of another madness, Arts narrative Ra Editions, Great Poetic Chemist, Head in the images, comics and illustration options ESA St-Luc, St-Marcel Institute Lastra, The Cla, Malice in La Montagne, La Pommeraie, Laurence Leonard, the peeler fingers, Les Tontons Wipers, Jean-Claude Loubières, Miaw Edition, Pili Pili Collective, Pimparel Gina Lisa Sibillat, Editions Ritadada, Carmela Valeron, Anne Velghe Gaya Wisnieski.





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