There are no good external communication without a good internal communication.


The brand that has « that something  » is consistent everywhere and all the time. The support of its first ambassadors, its employees, for a new brand positioning or ad campaign is an important step. If they do not believe in it, who ? Top secret, the internal communication requires from the CEO to write a vision for the company, values and unites employees around a common objective, allows a lot of creativity and finally, needs real human insights. Exciting, so.

 » The employer brand is more and more popular: the stakes of companies are focusing on human resources, career space is now apparent ( LinkedIn , etc.. ) Social networks allow employees to express themselves about all their professional concerns. The concept of employer brand aims has a direct impact on the image of the company.  » *

In addition to internal newsletters, suggestion boxes, posters, events, everything remains to be done in internal communication. Social branding, social recruiting, social conversations, social intranet, yes, everything is social: great. Let’s write the stories! And here is where the creatives are involved, freshness under the arm (well that, it depends on the weather), we’d rather say their experience and the same talent as required for external communication. You will not see examples here, all this is by definition not public, so contact us to go further.

Types of actions : valuation of human resources, launching of new products or services, accompaniment of a merger, changes in management, reward team or celebration of a project done …



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