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Cogito campaign 2014.

Cogito and their coaches, your Jokers to succeed your university year. The leader of help for students called 1kilo3 for thé 2014 campaign, for thé third time. We thank Drieu Godifridi, the general manager, for his confidence. We’ve signed new radio spots, mailings and e-mailings with a focus in 2014 on the Cogito coaches. « The campaign give excellent results, wrote Drieu. » We’re happy creatives.

virginie@1kilo3.com – fred@1kilo3.com

Coach 1    Dos coach 1  

Photos Fred Van Hoof, illustrations Camille Van Hoof.

Radio jour 1. Cogito A1b Jour 1 FR 25s C1

Radio jour 2. Cogito A2b Jour 2 FR 25s C1

Radio jour 3. Cogito A3b Jour 3 FR 25s C1

Carte coach 2       Carte coach 3    Dos carte 3      Carte coach 4 


enveloppe mailing 2014    Mailing 2014



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