Théatre de la Vie 2014-2015.

Gif brochure 2014-2015Clic on the picture to see the GIF.

We were busy busy these 3 last months, that’s why you’ve not seen a lot of new posts on our blog. Holiday time is not really more quiet this year for 1kilo3! But OK, I take a few minutes to let the world know that we’re still alive and in great creative shape.

Brochure Théatre de la Vie cover

We’ve just finished the new program of our favorite cool theater,  « Le Théatre de la Vie », in a fresh graphism and photos all home made – by Fred Van Hoof. Laetitia Noldé,  the communication responsable, had promised : next year will show a lot of surprises from the team directed by Peggy Thomas. See some extracts of the program below which will be launched in August. We’ve also done in June the new Cogito campaign and have produced content and concepts (The Big Idea) for 3 Suisses (in  production currently). To be followed, then.

Extrait brochure n°1     Extrait brochure n°2     Extrait brochure n°3

Affiche théâtre Vie 2014   cover




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