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The only gym women really do is on 3suisses.fr.


A third film TV and web on air for 3 Suisses. 

The only gym that every woman practices every day.

To announce the come back of 3 Suisses at the top of fashion and invite women to order online, 1kilo3 has written and realized above TV teasers and films (for France & Belgium), web clickable films and pre-roll true view youtube films. The idea is to show why women are so creative in their daily life: it’s because they train everyday, in front of their mirror, while they dress up before going outside. A real exercise for french women! And to do the creative gym, they have to go on 3suisses.fr/.be.

 3 Suisses and the women is a history that began in 1932 with the arrival in millions of mailboxes of the « big catalog ». 3 Suisses has always been inspired by the creativity of women and their way of life, to bring them what they need and want. They were touched that Lagerfeld brought his personal touch in their wardrobe; surprised the year where Starck designed for them a house in kit! To make all that remains, 3 Suisses had to change. Because French women have changed. Their lives have changed. 3 Suisses reinvents itself as a great fashion and lifestyle online store. But 3suisses.fr is much more than the big catalog. On the website, the clothes selections are updated in real time to stick to the trends. The ideas for the dailylife follow one to another. The prices are reduced and the promotions are personalized. Orders are facilitated, delivery and return are free. To inspire fashionistas, 10 inspiring magalogues, with looks that mix & match brands, will be published each year. On the cover, a modernized new logo, smart as sexy red lips. (Two films on air since September 9th, a third one will be in October.) 

Sac 3 SuissesLogo def' 3 Suisses2The agency*, especially customized for 3 Suisses and composed by i-stories + 1kilo3 + Kate Stockman, has created the positioning, the communication strategy, all content and concepts, but has also overseen the new visual identity of 3 Suisses (logo, website and magalogues). With the objective of waking up the innovative, feminine and light spirit of this loved brand. TV Prod: Caviar. 

* The agency consists of three complementary expertises to meet the specific needs of the brand: i-stories in strategy, concept & 1kilo3 in happy, Kate Stockman in trendswatching. (Infos Isabel Verstraete + 32473641851, www.i-stories.be. Lepère Virginia & Fred Van Hoof + 32 485 08 34 66, + 32.476.22.24.79 www.1kilo3.com.Kate Stockman, www.katestockman.com.)

Shooting magasin


L'agence 3 Suisses!   Fred au shooting  

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