What future for bookstores?

Club considers itself as a leisure bookstore. Books surrounded by playful or professional other items, okay, but a bookstore anyway.

A risquy bet, today, when nobody has the time to read? Maybe not…

… if we consider the huge need of stories from all generations. However, you have to accept to consider reading as one of the aspects of the book, and not the only one anymore. The TV or cinema movies often come first, before the reading that inspired them, but the stories they tell meet huge popular success… that sometimes bring back to books.

To continue to exist, novels have to look farther. Bookstores should develop more ways to attract the public towards the novel, beyond reading. With showing its films adaptations, creating debates on the topic, expanding to everyday concerns: cooking recipes whose the narrator is fan, crime scenes as destinations for the weekend. Actually with the creation of links, in the bookstore,… with other books.

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