What future for Copywriters?

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 This is the week for big questions at 1kilo3. The one of today is justified by the fact that more and more creative awards go to visual ads : do we really still need Copywriters then? The fashion of long, clever, well written texts seems not coming back. Influential bloggers recommend images rather than words. No one has the time to read and the number of Newspapers ‘ readers gets down. The size of Smartphones’ screens require short copies…

But yet, senior copywriters are sought. So?!

That proves that there is a life after awards. Content creation demands words, headlines creation too, when the advertiser’s budget only allows a packshot. Same for radio scripts (when creatives have no visual at all). Ad-words or banners need 3 or 4 powerful words. Who can write the values and signature of a brand, with complete respect of the briefing? Of course, we’re speaking of Copywriters who are able to write much better than their AD. Because many AD write very well. Indeed, creatives who still love words are valuable and highly demanded. Here are two extremely simple examples. And here is a new post about that, from Paul Burke (8th of October 2015). 





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