650g strategy + 650g creation

1kilo3 is the weight of the brain but is mostly the required combination to create the content that brands need today. Content that will be the brand, simple and clear enough to live by itself, so that people own it – because brands can not control everything in their image. And strong enough to express itself in an interesting way whenever the opportunity arises, through a thousand adequate supports.

The idea is the boss at 1kilo3. No hierachy, no processes (these embezzlers of ideas) but with openness and sincerity, 1kilo3 thinks upstream from the brand. What can it say or most often do to assert brilliantly, alive, among the people ? Everybody is now a photographer, a blogger, a film director, even an advertiser. In addition, each new phone app impresses until the new new app comes – that is to say not long. Products and services have to go further. More than ever, brands need strong concepts, stories to be storytelled. In short,relevant great ideas.

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