To communicate a content without a single word?


How to invite people to discover a town and a culture unknowned to those who aren’t able to speak the langage of the country? How to pass a content on without writing or pronounce a sigle word?  Bon welcomes new arrivals and people of foreign origin of Belgium in order to help them to integrate the region.  This asbl recommends interaction between them and society to increase their autonomy. The objective is to contribute to social cohesion.To communicate the typical atmosphere and the attractions of Brussels, Bon uses the visual language and asked 1kilo3 to create, in collaboration with use-it organization, a tourist card who speaks to everyone. Playful, graphic and above all practical, it offers a visit tour of the city along major bus lines to avoid getting lost. The tone remains simple, young and happy as all the advices, goodplans and maps free available to young tourists at use-it.




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