Parent’s exam.

How to convince a kid to learn by heart what he can find in one clic away on the internet?

It’s exams time and parents have to face their part of difficult questions too. Why learning? How to learn? And moreover, what is learning? The first answer is an another question : how to awaken kid’s curiosity? Because motivation calls for success that strengthens motivation.

This trigger can come from anywhere, that’s why it’s important to meet new people, go out more often, try new entertainment or reading. As to learn is to create links, a passion may be reflected in several courses studied at school. That makes lessons more attractive.

To learn is to understand, to repeat, to control one’s own memory… in short: it has to be learned. A student who works and has nevertheless terrible results often doesn’t have any method.

Everyone can develop the method that fits himself, if necessary with the help of ex students. Because there are tools to discover before exams rather than after – active repetition, self-assessment, establishing links between the different elements that memory has to assimilate etc.. For the second time, 1kilo3 and Cogito will let all that know to parents and students, at the end of June, in mailings, e-mailings, flyers and radio spots. That should already bring some solutions to a few questions.



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