Everything is moving fast.


The world is changing in all senses, and many planners try to analyze how it currently turns. Here is a summary of some of the last trends in social medias.

Mobility. Smartphones = youth social tools*. Each social networks has its own purpose. Facebook is for class assignments, Instagram for selfies and Twitter for TV. Youth will use social media to create word of mouth. In 2014, mobile messengers will replace SMS. (65% of teens use messaging apps as frequently as SMS. 91% use SMS when mobile internet is unavailable.) SMS will be used as an emergency alternative. Smartphones cameras will drive a visual culture (74% of youth take a picture on their smartphone everyday). Smartphones will make shopping social again, by taking pictures of products to buy or bought.


« A child born today will grow with no concept of privacy. » Edward Snowden.

Youth do not mark out their intimacy in the same way as their elders. Whenever we connect, discuss on our social network, load an app, we provide material which are scanned, stored, and used for marketing. In exchange, we use services. Quietly, the giants of the Internet have imposed their vision of privacy,  » an anomaly  » that comes to an end.

The « privacy » is a personal matter with variable geometry. We tell about our life on Facebook, but not to everyone : we accept our boss as « friend, » but do not give him access to our photos parties. We talk on forums, but under pseudonyms. We exposes as well as we protect ourselves, but how to be aware of an enemy so often invisible ? To desert Facebook, for a young, is synonym of to be excluded of a strong community, with parties organizations or discussions between friends. And if everyone provides their personal data, « those who refuse to do so will no longer be seen as individuals exercising their autonomy, but like someone who is hiding something. »

Four distinct generations. For the first time, 4 distinct generations are present in the workforce in many developed countries. The resulting differences in generational ambitions, attitudes, technology skills and ethics are impacting management styles, how work is done and the ability to attract talent. … But in Belgium, nothing is moving so fast, so we can easily follow the trends.

*Youth and Smartphones: New Trends for 2014 by Freddie Benjamin (mobileYouth), Research at mobileYouth on Aug 06, 2013. ** 02/15/2014 by Emmanuelle Anizon et Olivier Tesquet – Télérama n° 3344



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